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What Didn’t Drive Global Returns Last Quarter? Currency Risk

Poland Drops Controversial War Crimes Defamation Policy and Goes Back to World’s Best Performer

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The Bull Market Has Increasingly Depended On A Few Stocks, Maybe Just Two

Thailand: One Of World's Best Performers Last Quarter

Facebook’s Forensic Failures

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On Governance, It’s Two Thumbs Down For Netflix

Markets Are Signaling Trump/Kim Summit Success

Retailpocalypse Or Apocalypse Not?

Consultant Tells WSJ “My Clients Are Fleeing New Jersey Like It’s On Fire”

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Unsustainable: Is New York Really 1/3 Of Aggregate American Office Real Estate Value?

Why Reagan's Tax Cuts Didn't Work (Right Away) and Why The Current Cuts Probably Will

Netflix Deal With Obamas Isn't the Real Problem, Respect for Shareholders is

Brittle Italy

What We Can Learn From JFK About Tax Cuts and Economic Growth

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Finding A Worm In The Apple… Earnings Report

Tesla Stock Priced For Smooth Ride, Not Huge Potholes

Tesla's Financial Shenanigans

How Facebook Uses Its Users

Tesla's Troubles

Facebook's Façade: Why We Unfriended This Stock Even Before All The Trouble Started

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Vident Financial Celebrates International Women's Day

Poland Embraces Growth Principles And Becomes World’s Best Performing Investable Country

Austrian Economics - How The Pro-Growth Populist Revolt Made It One Of The World's Best Performing Countries

Record-Breaking Dow Actually Underperformed World Markets

South Korea: Why Rocket Man Couldn't Stop The Rocket Market

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These Countries' Markets Were The World's Best (And Worst) Investments

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Place Your Bets: Trump's Fed Chair Chips

Don't Go Overboard: Wall Street is Finally Starting to Pay Attention to Over-Stretched Board Members

Wells Fargo One Year Ago

Equifax's Unequitable Facts

Principle of Human Productivity: We Remember Sixteen Years Later

Now South Korea is An Even Better Place to Invest

Wells Fargone: Why Core Principles Matter

The Barcelona Attack Was Terrible, But Spain’s Biggest Economic Problem is Lack of Resiliency

Resiliency Series Part 1: Why DM Countries Doing the Wrong Things Occasionally Produce Better Returns Than EM Countries Doing the Right Things

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Father of Passive Investing Changes His Mind and Adopts a ‘Smart-Beta’ Rules-Based Approach

Jerry Bowyer on Fox News for International Women's Day 2017

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