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How A Terrible Idea Like Cap-Weighting Got A Hold of 99% of the Public Real Estate Investors' Money

Posted by Vident Financial on 11/14/18 2:12 PM

Vident is different, because we build our investment solutions on fixed, permanent, reliable, universal principles. That applies to all of our indices, including our real estate index, PPTYX. The vast majority of REIT and real estate money is invested using a cap-weighted approach, but that didn’t make sense to us. When professional private real estate investors buy property, they make rational decisions about things like location, and property type along with the quality of the management of that property. Real estate investment pros want to make sure they they’re getting a good price, too.

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Global Winners and Losers Created New Global Opportunities for Investors

Posted by Vident Financial on 11/13/18 11:30 AM


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